Process Serving Info

Service of process is an industry that is surrounded by laws and regulations. Although they are intended to help society they can be difficult to interpret and understand. This page provides basic information about the service of process and answers many frequently asked questions.

What is service of process?

United States law concerning legal procedure requires that individuals involved in a case must be notified that legal action is being brought against them. Service of process is the delivery of documents that communicate that legal action is being brought against someone.

What do process servers do?

Process servers are individuals who stay up on all of the laws in order to delivery all of the necessary documents to individuals who need to be served. Process servers also deliver documents that provide proof that individuals were served correctly.

How much does it cost to serve papers?

Service costs vary widely depending on the type of serve. At St. Charles County Process Service, we always offer the lowest rates for our clients. We provide the highest level of customer service while refusing to be beat on price. Contact us to learn more.